In Memory

Teddy was ten weeks old the day we met him at foster care. There was so much joy in his eyes when I picked him up, I knew he wanted to be mine.

I don’t remember which of us spoiled him the most as a puppy, but as an adult, he’d always sleep in our bed curled into the pocket at the back of my knees. We thought it meant he was my dog.

He was 15 ½ years old In January. We’d fought his illness as a family for fourteen months. On Thursday, the veterinarian gave us a circular entitled, ‘How to know when it’s time.’

Linda took this photo while we were deciding what to do. She made the appointment on Saturday morning and we grieved for another two days. The pain was unbearable, but I don’t regret the time we spent letting him know how much he was loved.

We held him in our arms until the very last, tears flowing, breath caught in our throats. Linda kissed his face. I told him he was safe; his daddy was there; he could finally be free of suffering. When the veterinarian confirmed his heart was still, we allowed an attendant to take him from us.

He will never be separated from us in spirit. His full name was Theodore Von Fledermaus; from t’ adore, meaning ‘I adore you’. It was a good name for a sweet, loyal friend. We loved him. He loved us. We belonged together. We will always miss his presence in our lives.

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  1. I’m so sorry, John. Have you lost both of your dogs?
    We’re coming to Evansville for our granddaughter’s graduation and perhaps we could meet for lunch?
    Hugs to you and Linda,
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    1. We lost Ellie in January while in Florida. She was 15, diabetic, arthritic, incontinent, but we were propping her up. She vanished one evening, possibly over the seawall, where she would have drowned. A neighbor went out twice in his kayak, others searched garages and under bushes but her body was never found. It was terrible. We mourned for days even though. unlike Teddy, Ellie wasn’t what you’d call the best dog.

      We’d be delighted to see you. When is the event? We’ll keep it open on our calendar.


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