Launch Day

Ghosts of Ancient Vidura went live this morning.

An invasion tale with an original twist!

The year is 2025, and the aliens have arrived. Officially, not counting twenty-five-thousand years of under-the-table commerce, a secret that can no longer be kept.

The Space Weather forecast calls for ‘Sunny to Partly Incinerated’. An ancient starship, previously in service as a sightseeing hotel, arrives with a disaster mitigation team. Our off-world patrons say there’ll be no exchange of technology. Behind the scenes, technology is offered. Diplomacy lurches forward.

A human in Oregon experiences past-life emergence — recalling old Vidura and the science that was discovered there. In Washington DC, military authorities cook up plans to hijack spaceships. On Jivada, a sinister cabal maneuvers to rule the two planets. Millions of light years away, an unseen enemy stirs in its nest.

Meanwhile, at a furloughed missile launch site in Nevada, campsites pop up like mushrooms after a soaking rain. An AjJivadi workforce, long barred from Earth tourism, is going on vacation. The ghosts of ancient Vidura have returned.

All my titles are #kindleunlimited.

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