We read ...
to learn, travel
and exist outside ourselves

I write ...
so we can do these things

Readers say …

“Fresh perspective, as all good Sci-Fi should be.”

“Wonderful descriptive style. Exciting action.”

“It’s like reading a movie.”

“I would recommend it to people who like sci-fi that isn’t dumbed down.”

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Ghosts of Ancient Vidura: AjJivadi Book 2

The year is 2025, and the aliens have arrived. Officially, not counting twenty-five-thousand years of under-the-table commerce, a secret that can no longer be kept.

Elbert: AjJivadi Book 1

Amazon Ranked #1 New Release in Teen & Young Adult Alien Science Fiction – 10/24/2022

The year is 1928. Business is booming at South Dakota’s Lazy L Ranch, a premier destination for off-world tourists, tucked away in the mountains, safe from prying eyes.

In nearby Black Rock, eighty-three-year-old Doctor Elbert Harrison is expecting soon to meet his Creator, unaware of alien visitors, a second daughter, a grandson, and license to visit the planet Jivada for age-reversal.

But trouble awaits on the Anye colony world. When Elbert speaks out on the obligations of citizenship, a subversive faction replies with violence. If he keeps sticking his head up, it’s liable to get knocked off.

It won’t matter. Elbert’s not the kind of man to run from a fight.

Elbert is the seventh installment in a nine-book series, charting the journey of an alien civilization into interstellar space, from a distant past until modern times, and the revelation of an astonishing twenty-five-thousand-year secret history on Earth.

Official Book Trailer – Elbert: AjJivadi Book 1

The Anye Universe novels are Literary Science Fiction. Original and intelligent stories, developed for a thoughtful audience, in the vein of works by William Gibson, Anthony Doerr, and David Mitchell.

Action, adventure, and family drama … against a backdrop of hard Sci-Fi.

Explore this epic saga from the beginning with The Anye Legacy novels!

Silken Thread is a genre-defying journey through mid-century Asia and America — equal parts adventure, love story, travelogue and morality play.