Old McDonald had some pharms,
ee yi ee yi oh

And with his pharms there came alarms,
ee yi ee yi oh

With a side effect here and a heart attack there,
here a clot there a stroke,
bet you wish you never smoked

Old McDonald had some pharms,
ee yi ee yi oh

– A nursery song for our times –
Copyright 2017 John Greene Dyer

First pick!

I’m very satisfied with how my contest is going at 99Designs. So much so that I’ve decided to re-title and re-package my first novel.

Anzu will soon be withdrawn and republished. Here’s the preview. In a couple of days, the first round will come to an end, I’ll start another poll, and the cover for Quantum Soul will be selected. Woohoo!



Today was the first trial of my Henrob welding torch (eBay – $283).

I used a wire coat hanger for filler rod to put the finial back on this iron screen. Also re-applied a leaf and repaired a hinge.

I’m really satisfied with my purchase. The DHC2000 torch is just as amazing as the vendor claims. It gets the metal hot right now!

I hadn’t had any experience with gas welding, partly because the torch that came with my compact oxy/acetylene kit couldn’t weld. This one can. I find it’s a lot like TIG: get everything hot, push the puddle around, try not to trip on the hose.



Being Different

Shortly after I published the eBook version of Anzu on Kindle, about five weeks ago, I decided to ease off on promoting the series until after I launch Quantum Soul.

The inspiration for this approach started with a post by Valerie Douglas at the Indie Author group on FB, when she wrote something to the effect of, “Nothing sells your first book like your second book”.

I recognize that Valerie may not have meant one should not bother trying to sell the first book, but that’s how I finally took it. At any rate, the Anye Legacy series is going to be eight books, so what’s the hurry?

There’s more to the decision, of course. Others have observed that a multi-book campaign promises that an investment in Book One will be rewarded by successive volumes. The reader can count on it, because here they are.

It makes sense to me, and that is now my direction. Quantum Soul stands at 118,000 words, and the next book — as yet untitled — is at 48,000, so a three-book campaign in 2017 is not out of the question.

But, eventually, I’m going to have to deal with the marketing part of authorship. In preparation for that, I’ve been collecting materials on the topic: notes from presentations, blog entries, excerpts from newsletters and the occasional email.

This week, I transcribed my notes, and was reminded that somebody — I forgot to write down whom — recommended I explain to readers why they will want to read my book.

This is why we procrastinate.

Sure, after having written 250,000 + words on Anye Legacy’s long arc, I have a sense of what I’m up to. If forced to confess, I will say the work is different from what you’re used to: not post-apocalyptic, or populated with teenagers who are “coming into their powers”, or about aliens arriving to destroy the Earth.

Which is saying what I didn’t do, and not part of the assignment. In my defense, can you imagine how hard it is for me to stand far enough away from my own work to talk about things like this?

So, I’d like to know what you think. Anzu can be previewed and/or purchased here, or you can check out a copy at the Sarasota, Florida county library system. Also, if you follow my WordPress site — see the navigation panel on the left — you will be queued up for free book notices, both for Anzu and its follow-on volumes.

After you read, please leave a comment and let me know if Anzu is special to you in some way, and how. It would be a big help, and much appreciated.

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