How to get to Laghu …

There are several routes, but it’s best to go by aircar.

(Cymbal crash)

I’m revisiting old posts for an email campaign. While loitering here, I replaced a first-draft map of the Anye home world Vidura with the final product.

Are you curious about my books? Science Fiction for grown-ups, and an adventure/love story, so far. You’ll my Amazon author page here.

Y’all come back.

Oh, no! Forty characters!

Yesterday, I posted a partial list of cast members in Resilient. I finished the section this morning.

The book has forty characters!

It made me groan with sorrowful anticipation. Somebody — another writer, a reader, a critic — is sure to complain, even lecture me about my ignorance of some fundamental rule that authors of fiction must adhere to regarding the size of one’s cast.

What does one do when faced with a dilemma of this gravity? Google it.

Whew. Jami Gold says I’m not a fool.

“A sweeping family epic needs a lot of characters to create the sense of scope.”

That’s a relief. Thanks, Jami!

Here’s the finished section. Continue reading “Oh, no! Forty characters!”

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