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A service that strives to connect authors with publishers asked me to answer a couple of questions. The first was about writing style. I said:

I’m inspired by screenwriter Joss Whedon’s talent for crafting impossible settings in a way that makes them seem natural and even commonplace.

The other was about the qualities a writer brings to the table, and where they come from.

Being raised overseas has given me an eye for cultural idiosyncrasies and an ear for dialect. I see archetypes and genre traditions in the same light. I try to tread on the edge of this space, acknowledging the reader’s expectations when I must, and staking out new territory when I can.

If you’re curious about process, or what I’m trying to accomplish, please visit the essay “What you might like about my books“.

I’m having a great time telling stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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  1. Love this, “I am inspired by screenwriter Joss Whedon’s talent for crafting impossible settings in a way that makes them seem natural and even commonplace.” A noble pursuit, indeed. I’m glad you found my little corner of the world. Thanks for reading and welcome to the fence jumpers and thanks for following my blog. @sheilamgood at Cow Pasture Chronicles


  2. John,

    What a find your writing and your stories are for me! We had to overlap at the American school as I was born in Manila in 1952 and left there to finish out boarding school in Massachusetts. We lived directly across from the old American school on Donada Street, and we frequented many of the same haunts, including the Polo Club and the Army and Navy Club. I am the only one in my family who was not interned in Santo Thomas during the war. My parents and three older brothers went into Santo Tomas in February 1942 and were liberated in March (I believe) of 1945.

    The father of a friend of mine at the American school named Rich Zautner worked at Meralco. In fact I am planning to visit Rich in Maui in October .

    My Dad worked at Atlantic Gulf & Pacific until he passed away in 1965. Leaving Manila was devastating under those circumstances.

    You are absolutely correct: living in Manila when we were there was an unforgettable experience. When you mentioned a Russian music teacher I knew exactly who it was: Olga DeWitt, née Ifland! I’d be thrilled to speak with you but I don’t want to provide my cell phone on this board. Why don’t you email me directly?

    Mabuhay! Bill

    PS I’m in the Boston area.

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