Revisited — John Dyer Writes

Two years ago, I set Vacuum Forged aside to write down an idea for a later book in the series. I ended up writing two complete novels, and only this week did I go back to remind myself where I was on the project.

Oh. I’d written forty-thousand words. Half a book. How about that?

I’ve been reading. It’s pretty good. There are holes in the narrative, which is to be expected. I plugged one of them today.

Kandala, Laghu

Internal Security spy drones had been flitting around town for hours. The moment Isa arrived on-station, the incursion team tripped the fissile plant’s alarm. Parts of town woke up. Lights came on. Phones were answered.

Isa was early to the party by design. There would be no shooting until after sufficient gathering of intelligence — unless it became, for some reason, urgent.

He watched dots accumulate on a tactical map of Kandala. Analysts at IntSec processed seized documents. Other maps appeared, referencing other locations. More spy drones were deployed across Laghu.

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Replay — John Dyer Writes

When I sat down for an appearance on the Lurking for Legends livestream, I thought I might not have enough material. I met the hosts ‘backstage’ before the broadcast. The left channel in my headphones was cutting out. It was sure to be distracting.

Richard Stephens said, “This is your show. Talk about anything you want.” I’d been thinking ‘interview’. I hadn’t prepared a script. Nuts.

The stream starts. The hosts chat among themselves. I’m introduced. Christie Stratos said, “If you could start by telling us a little bit about yourself …”

I rattled on for forty minutes. I don’t think anyone got a word in edgewise. Richard Stephens had to call a time-out in order to conclude the broadcast.

I had fun. You can find the replay at …

Covered — John Dyer Writes

I suppose, now that I have a final-ish cover design for Ghosts of Ancient Vidura, the book is now officially in beta. In celebration of the event, I ordered proof copies from Amazon. On Sunday, I’ll find out what the print shop makes of it. Thereafter begins the arduous task of arranging pre-publication reviews.

I’m jealous of sword and sorcery authors. First readers line up like they’re getting a free iPhone. My wife says the material demands reading comprehension skills, but I don’t think that’s the issue. She’s a smart lady, and rarely gets past the first thirty pages.

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Souled — John Dyer Writes

Intelligent and entertaining stories developed for a thoughtful audience.

What if science was to prove the doctrine of the immortal soul? Amil Leyta intended to work in orbital manufacturing, but his studies have taken an unexpected turn. He’s built a device that images the essence of life, evoking the discovery that there’s more than one type of soul.

They appear on his monitor at deathbed vigils, shining bright across the boundary between dimensions. He imagines they’re angels, guiding spirits to the between-life, and wonders if the Gods will allow what he must do next.

Because Amil knows how to bring them here.

All my titles are #KindleUnlimited.

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