Epic culture: Rick and Morty

I cannot remember how I discovered  Rick and Morty, an animated series on the Adult Swim franchise within Cartoon Network. Which is troubling, I guess, since it was only a few weeks ago.

At any rate, I binge watched two seasons and now I am subscribed to their feed, watching for hints about when Season Three will emerge. I also bought the tee-shirt, $33.

Oh, God … I’m a fan, aren’t I?

Hey, Rotten Tomatoes picked Rick and Morty Season Two for their list of 11 favorite shows of 2015. So it’s not just me.


The storytelling is pretty awesome, and pacing is spot on.


James Patterson and Me

Facebook apparently knows I am interested in learning more about the writer’s craft. Maybe it’s time to clear out my browser history, or delete cookies or something.

Anyway, an ad for the James Patterson MasterClass kept popping up over on the right side. I was intrigued: What writer wouldn’t want to learn from a man who knows how to sell so many books?

I Googled for a review, and found this from author Joyce Maynard.

Short version: She said it was a good way to spend $90, and I agree.  Continue reading “James Patterson and Me”

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