Spicy, but just a little

An evocative adventure/love story from the author of The Illusion of Gravity.

In 1966 Manila, an American teenager courts a CIA recruit several years his senior. It’s a mismatch, a scandal. When she ships out, it’s over. Maybe.

An uncommon spin on the coming-of-age theme, informed by an upbringing in mid-century Asia. For Young Adult shoppers, a tale about good character as a strategy for creating a successful life. For readers, an immersive journey to a time and place now gone forever.

All my titles are #kindleunlimited.

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Blendered — John Dyer Writes

One of the locations in my novel Elbert is a flying residence named Loyal House. In the story, the house is a replica of a temple on the planet Vidura, as is the Basilica of St. Denis near Paris. About a year ago, I went looking for a 3D model of St. Denis, which I found on 3D Warehouse, royalty-free.

The artist must have spent a lot of time on this. Subsequently, so did I. The model is made up of at least forty sections. I suspect Kuno H. used photos and elevation sketches to piece it together, evidence a higgledy-piggledy of unreconciled scales and rotations. This I discovered after attempting to apply stone textures to the model’s skin. The pattern would be plumb on one section, at an angle on another, small on one, large on the other.

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Free Book Promotion

My fifth novel, Elbert: AjJivadi – Book 1, launched on October 3.

A customer said, “Definitely a great storyline, you won’t be disappointed. Easily lost track of time when reading.”

On Kindle Unlimited, someone read Elbert and all three previous books in the series, non-stop, in seven days. I’m going to say the book isn’t terrible.

I’m running a one-day free book promotion, starting tomorrow, October 21.

The object of this exercise is to garner verified customer reviews.

Please read a few pages. If it’s not for you, give up, no apologies. If you enjoy it, and I think you will, please leave a review! Free, October 21. Click the 'Buy on Amazon' box, under the cover art or tell your phone to remind you tomorrow. Thanks!

Crowdsourced — John Dyer Writes

Let’s share an experience. It won’t take more than a minute unless you want it to. Call it a favor, an act of generosity. Click in the box below the image where it says ‘Free Preview’.

Read a page or two. See what happens. I’ve been writing for ten years. This is my best work. It deserves an audience.

You can be part of that.

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Electrified — John Dyer Writes

My author’s website has moved — kind of. You won’t notice any difference, at least not today. I’m using the same service provider who, I must say, made it easy. I registered a domain on Namecheap, signed up for a WordPress premium plan, filled in a form, and Walla!

The previous URL works seamlessly, but you can change the bookmark on your browser to https://johndyerwrites.com if you like, assuming you have a bookmark for that, which you should.

I also signed up for an email service. John at you-know-where. That’s a test. Send me a message so I’ll know we’re both mildly amused at the subtlety of it.

Nothing much else to report. I got up at 5:07 AM, built a camp fire, drank too much coffee, walked the dog, made waffles. More later.

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BookTokked — John Dyer Writes

In a few days, after I receive my Logitech Litra Glow Premium LED Streaming Light, I’ll recite the script for my latest video. Those who’ve been following my essays know what this is about — I’m trying to hook an audience for my novels. Come now BookTok, BookTube, and Bookstagram. I sure hope it’s worth the trouble.

And who knows but there might be a more productive outcome if people start sharing these posts. Just mentioning it, in case there’s a button under your finger that could make that happen, and thank you.

Here’s the script. Feedback invited.

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Marathoned — John Dyer Writes

On October 4th and 5th, someone read my novel Elbert on Kindle Unlimited, most of it on the second day. Woo! Exciting, right?

Wait, it gets better. On October 8th, someone started reading The Anye Legacy Complete Collection. Non-stop. Going through it like a woodchipper, for a grand total of one-thousand-eight-hundred-six pages so far. Only about a hundred-forty to go.

It’s right after a new book launch. It has to be the same person, discovering my material for the first time. If whoever it is starts reading Silken Thread next, I’ll pop a gasket.

Let this be an example. This could be you, having a great time in your easy chair, hooked on unexpectedly intriguing literature. Click here to visit my Amazon catalog. Wonder awaits!

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Juvenated — John Dyer Writes

My wife has for some time recommended that I classify my novels in a Young Adult category on Amazon. This morning, I read up on the topic and it’s starting to sound like a good idea.

I do not write with that audience in mind. However, the launch of my latest novel motivates me to examine who my readers might be.

In his essay ‘The 3 golden rules of writing a young adult novel’, author Robert Wood describes juvenile literature as ‘a gateway into sincere reflection on (adult-themed) topics’ and ‘a tool a YA reader can use for introspection and interrogation of the world around them.’

The Anye Universe books are literary science fiction — action, adventure and family drama against a sci-fi landscape. Content is generally wholesome in nature. I wouldn’t object if someone called them morality plays.

Even my novel Silken Thread, which contains a spicy passage or two, might pass muster for endorsing good character as a strategy for creating a successful life.

It’s a new train of thought for me. Feedback welcome. Find my catalog on my Amazon author page.

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Validated — John Dyer Writes

My novel Elbert: AjJivadi – Book 1 launched on a Monday. The next day, according to KDP Reports, 45 pages were read on Kindle Unlimited. Wednesday, 462 pages were read, making 507 total, which is the length of the book. So, more than likely, these stats refer to a single customer.

I made other sales, but page count on KU is the only odometer on the dashboard. I was excited to witness a reader finishing the book in essentially one sitting. It’s a good omen.

Even though I’ve been wallpapering the Internet for the past several days, the chances of that person seeing this essay are slim. However, if you’re reading these words and thinking “Yep, that was me” — I want to say, Thank You. I am now validated.

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