Talent Search – Modelers & Animators

Update — Mission accomplished!

Trial animations have been delivered, a UE5 project package is on its way.

Ghosts of Ancient Vidura is in edit, so it’s time to plan for cover art. This might be a good student project, or something a hobbyist might try. Here’s the spec.

Project specifications — Loyal House Model & Animation


Create a 3D model of the object Loyal House, a flying house described in the novel Ghosts of Ancient Vidura.

Create an animated clip of the object navigating through a scene.

Create a still image from the scene for use as a book cover.

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In other news, I wrote the final chapter for Habit of Providence just this week. The first book in the AjJivadi series, Elbert, is up for a third editing pass, then I’ll edit Habit again. Look for new books in July.

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