Hot off the keyboard!

A new intro chapter for ResilientBook 3 in the Anye Legacy series — written tonight.

I’m pretty far along at 57,000 words — far enough to think about what the beginning needs to look like.

But I’m not confident about introducing a protagonist while he’s still in the womb.  Character development — where to start? Lets try it.


Chapter 1

The planet Vidura, a very long time ago

The thirty-meter campaigner Kevarta, chambers heavy with seawater and live catch, was starting to wallow in the trough between swells. Bina Dhava knew what to do about it, but she wasn’t at the helm.

Bina cast a gaze at stress gauge readouts on an upper display panel. They were in the green, but wouldn’t be for long if the pilot didn’t do something. She slid out of the mate’s throne, gripping a safety bar with one hand, the other cradling precious cargo in her belly.

The deck pitched left, then right — and both hands went to the rail. Now standing behind her chair, she strained to let events proceed without interference. Continue reading “Hot off the keyboard!”

Curating the backlog …

I just finished some work on this. It’s a teaser – the book isn’t written yet – but I’ve outlined 23 chapters and I think it has promise.

via The Dressmaker’s Apprentice – Sample

The Dressmaker’s Apprentice

A Future Past Mystery

Retired deputy sheriff Eric Burton runs a clandestine online store that caters to buyers who live on other planets. Buyers who, as far as anybody knows, don’t exist.

When a fellow merchant goes missing, an ancient society with off-world connections tasks Burton with protecting their secrets.

  Continue reading “Curating the backlog …”

Having been Scouted …

My Amazon Kindle Scout campaign just finished. Here’s what I know about the results so far.

Scout Stats

Quantum Soul received 1,400 page visits. I have no way of knowing how many nominations were made, but I’m hopeful.

My Facebook promotions were a bust – I got over 6,000 post likes for the Scout ad, but Amazon registered only 38 click-throughs. My 99 Cent sale on The Illusion of Gravity garnered 2,000 + likes, but sold 3 books. The vast majority of my Facebook engagement results came out of Nepal and India.

Did the audience recognize the book’s South Asian cultural references? Did the cover resonate there more than elsewhere? Did Facebook show my ad in Nepal and India more than other places? Who knows.

Now I wait to see if Amazon will pick up my book as a Kindle title. And, I have to decide whether to finish Book 3 in the series – Resilient – now in 3rd draft at 90,000 words, or finish Silken Thread so I can see how a romance title does for me.

Comments welcome!

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