The Illusion of Gravity by John Dyer – Book Review

With thanks to Ashley Manning

Ashley Manning

I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review

In book one of The Anye Legacy, on a distant planet a lab experiment goes wrong which leads Rivan Saraf on a journey that could save the people on his planet. Hostile foreign government agents, known as the The Vanya are in town and hunting Rivan down.

This book starts with a lot of information about the history of Anye world. It’s a lot to take in all at once and does make the book feel daunting. I would recommend reading it and not worrying if you don’t take it all in, you can come back later if you feel the need. Once the book actually starts it eases you in with a great opening that introduces Rivan and his family. It really slows the pace down nicely and gets you settled in before the main…

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Post-Vellum Euphoria

My novel Elbert was at 96,000 words, final chapters unsettled, manuscript no longer consistent with the outline. So, I went back to the beginning — in the expectation that a better understanding of where I started would suggest how the story should end.

After four laborious rewrites of the book’s opening act, the text was hitting 100,000 words, a surprise since I thought I was streamlining it. The good news — I know what I’m dealing with. Yesterday, I wrote:

“Elbert is a story about relationships, self-discovery, and the necessity of facing the future with courage and compassion.”
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Elbert is LIVE on Kindle Vella

The first 3 chapters are free! Act 1 is complete and edited. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for readers, so jump on out there!

In 1928 South Dakota, a retired country physician is made privy to Earth’s secret history and much, much more. There’s life on other planets, a family he didn’t know about, he’s getting younger, not older. Eighty-three years old, made stoic in attendance to the suffering of others, Doctor Elbert Holland Harrison thought he was waiting to die.

Now he’s waiting to live.

Elbert is a story about relationships, self-discovery, and the necessity of facing the future with courage and compassion.

Captain Hook, or not?

I’m still considering the option of advance publishing Elbert on Kindle Vella. Now, after four editing passes over part one, the master arc is firmly defined, so it’s not much of a risk delivery-wise … but, the question arises as to whether it’s good enough that I won’t be embarrassed for having done it. Also, I can’t tell if I have a hook in the opening act.

What say ye – would you spend another 8 cents to read the second chapter?

Part 1 – Chapter 1

August 16, 1928 — The Lazy L Ranch, South Dakota

“Well, ain’t you a furry bunch of critters.” The trail guide, a human citizen of Jivada, shook hands all around, the picture-perfect American cowboy in chaps and Colt Peacemaker — expert at rounding up Anye tourists or whatever. “Now, in these parts, the natives might call you Sasquatch, Bigfoot or Wendigo — ‘cause they’ve seen you plenty, but don’t know what you are.”

Watching from the front porch of the lodge, nursing her first cup of coffee, Francine anticipated the punchline. And they’re not going to find out today, are they?

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