I’m ready for my close-up.

It is seventy thousand years in the past. Vidura is three million light years from Earth. Stalled in their industrial age for centuries, the Anye are poised at the edge of space under a dying sun.

Finally, in an event overshadowed by strife and circumstance, an epochal discovery unravels the mysteries of the universe. Now it remains to be seen if there’s time for the Anye to forge a new destiny for themselves.

Vividly imagined, demonstrating finesse at wrapping the fantastic in the mundane, the Anye Legacy books venture into literary science fiction territory with strong characters and a thoughtful, well-crafted narrative.

Set in an exotic yet familiar world — a playground for adventure, romance, science, intrigue and space opera — the series is a provocative and deeply textured account of a divided people confronting the possible end of their existence.

Available now, in eBook and print, on Amazon.


Resilient is live on Amazon!

Book 3 in The Anye Legacy series – eBook edition – is available to order now I expect the print edition to launch tomorrow. Woo!

The final edit was less work than I feared – I threw 2 chapters away and wrote new ones to replace them, but other than that, it was mostly about finding tiny format errors. That makes 6 full editing passes from first cut to finished manuscript over a period of about a year.

Book 4 – Vacuum Forged – is in early draft with about 40,000 words, but I’ll probably finish Silken Thread first.

Here’s a shout out to my brother Mike, who read Resilient – for what must have been the third time – during the edit. It’s conceivable that I could write without his help, but the results wouldn’t be as good.

Mike says Resilient is ‘some of my finest work’ – which I might post as a review, except a) I still want you to buy the other ones, b) he’s my brother, so there could be hyperbole involved, and c) he thinks everything I’m doing is great. Yeah, Mike – I love you, too.





The Third Edition is halfway published

The Illusion of Gravity – Third Edition – is available in eBook format today. You can get it on Amazon here. I uploaded the print layout this afternoon, so the paperback should pop up on their list directly. The book is now 14,000 words shorter, despite having gained more than 10,000 words of new text.

So much for getting in there to add a map and a cast of characters section. Well, it’s done … and Volume 1 of the series is a better book for it.

But, why take my word for it … did I mention you can buy it today?

Great. Keep reading. Thanks for the visit!




I have no business doing this right now , but …

What I’m supposed to be doing is finishing the third edition of The Illusion of Gravity. For God’s sake, Amazon says somebody read the second edition on KU yesterday. Ock! I’m so embarrassed not to have my best work out there, and I hope they don’t give me a bad review.

But I had the strangest dream last night, which is sometimes how it starts. I wrote the idea down so I wouldn’t forget it, and if you know me at all – which probably you don’t so I’ll just tell you – I have a hard time keeping things to myself.

This might be the follow on to The Dressmaker’s Apprentice, although maybe I should finish that book before I start a second one.  No matter.

Scorch – An Eric Burton Mystery

My tale begins with me driving around St. Mary, Georgia looking for the home of Caesarus “Chet” Laikul — a physician I met at a golf course — to attend the wedding of his son.

Part of the reason I was going was to see a house known as “The Elliot” — which he described as a multi-level post-modern fantasy extravagance set in a saltwater marsh — the anchor residence in what ultimately became a failed housing development. The design, he said, was drawn up for an actor who intended to have it built in Palm Springs, but apparently that never happened. Naturally, I asked him “Which actor – Elliot Gould?”.

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