A Writing Game For Authors

Who wants to have some fun?

Let’s write a chain story!

I propose a short novel entitled ‘The Mark’.

Monica Larsen, an unmarried thirty-ish attorney from Bayshore, Wisconsin has died on the highway, her car struck by a farm tire falling off a service truck.

The afterlife is nothing like what she expected.

I’ve written Chapter 1, appended below.

My thinking is that each succeeding chapter should come in between 1,000 and 1,500 words. Beyond that, the Internet is silent on how this sort of activity should be operated.

Here’s my plan:

  • Each author will determine who writes the following chapter(s) based on a submitted story proposal or outline. This means there will only be one thread to the story.
  • You can write more than one chapter, but let’s try to keep the activity open.
  • Each chapter will be published here and on the author’s website.
  • Every author retains IP rights to the chapter(s) they write.
  • If we do something wonderful, we’ll have to figure out what that means, if and when it happens.

Do you want me to edit Chapter 1 for a smooth transition to your chapter? I can do that.

If I get takers, I’ll build a section on my WordPress site for the story.

Let’s get started.

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Cyber Monday … or something

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My audience is where?

My Facebook promotion (About the Quantum Soul Kindle campaign) wasn’t delivering results. So, I changed the focus this morning from North America to Worldwide.

Whoa! Post engagement is at 406 so far today … a big jump.

I’m getting post likes, page likes and click-through …

The largest volumes are from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Morocco, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Mozambique, Senegal …

Only 14 reactions in North America out of 406 … What?

Thank you, international readers. I’m paying attention now.

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