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Adventure, drama, and evocative romanticism from the author of The Illusion of Gravity. It’s 1966, and CIA officer Barb Schneider is in the Philippines, fixed on earning a good assignment. A diplomatic cover in Kuala Lumpur — perfect. Any job in Saigon — not so great.

Elsewhere in Manila, expat David Aarens is weighing a career path that’s liable to get him noticed by the Chinese mafia. He’s younger. They’re going different directions. It won’t matter. In a confessional moment, she’ll say, “I sat next to him on a piano bench, looked in his eyes, saw how he looked at me, and knew what was going to happen.”

But she didn’t expect it to get real, and never guessed what the agency would do. There are 184,000 American soldiers in Vietnam, Canada just now got color TV, mini-skirts are shorter in London, and life is complicated. Welcome to the middle of the twentieth century.

Early praise for Silken Thread from beta readers

Well done! Interesting characters, good plot, usually something new in the next chapter, "a real page turner" as they say on the book jackets. I am learning stuff too. A great and rare  combination in a book.

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