The Dressmaker’s Apprentice – Mystery


Dressmaker Cover 2

Eric Burton has the perfect Texas lawman’s job: A detective’s badge, a take-home Ford Interceptor and enough seniority to pull straight days. Two more years and it’s twenty-and-out.

Then his wife runs off with her yoga instructor and the world comes crashing down. Unable to sleep nights, he takes the four-to-midnight shift. Responding to a home invasion, Burton meets his future patron, Doctor Rajat Nadar.

When Burton admits to zero plans for a follow-on career, the physician offers to set him up in an Internet sales business. There’s a catch: Doc’s online store caters to off-world customers, who, as far as anybody knows, don’t exist.

Three years into the proposition, Burton is asked to look into the disappearance of another shadow merchant, a dressmaker named Sandra Zinn.

Zinn has been kidnapped and the only witness is a cat named Betty. The trail leads to her apprentice, a Bollywood movie studio, opium traffickers, and a cabal that controls the offworld trade route.

Work-in-progress. Read a sample.

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