The Illusion of Gravity

At a research lab on a distant planet, a devastating accident signals the end of a technological impasse that has stalled Anye civilization at the edge of space for a thousand years.

Protected in a vault, instruments reveal the true nature of space, time, and matter. The event has set physicist Rivan Saraf on a path that could take his people beyond reach of a dying star.

But a hostile foreign government has agents in town. The Vanya are brutal, remorseless — here to spy, steal, kidnap and murder.

And Rivan is on their list.

The Anye Legacy series honors the traditions of hard science fiction. Echoing screenwriter Joss Whedon’s seamless fusion of fantastic and mundane (Firefly, The Avengers), and cyberpunk pioneer William Gibson’s holographic narrative style (Spook Country), The Illusion of Gravity is a provocative story about a society confronting the apparent winter of its existence.

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All text Copyright © 2017 – John Greene Dyer – All rights reserved

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