Having been Scouted …

My Amazon Kindle Scout campaign just finished. Here’s what I know about the results so far.

Scout Stats

Quantum Soul received 1,400 page visits. I have no way of knowing how many nominations were made, but I’m hopeful.

My Facebook promotions were a bust – I got over 6,000 post likes for the Scout ad, but Amazon registered only 38 click-throughs. My 99 Cent sale on The Illusion of Gravity garnered 2,000 + likes, but sold 3 books. The vast majority of my Facebook engagement results came out of Nepal and India.

Did the audience recognize the book’s South Asian cultural references? Did the cover resonate there more than elsewhere? Did Facebook show my ad in Nepal and India more than other places? Who knows.

Now I wait to see if Amazon will pick up my book as a Kindle title. And, I have to decide whether to finish Book 3 in the series – Resilient – now in 3rd draft at 90,000 words, or finish Silken Thread so I can see how a romance title does for me.

Comments welcome!

4 thoughts on “Having been Scouted …

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  1. I’m afraid unless you specifically asked for Asian interest you probably got a load of bots from Facebook John. However your books look fantastic. I think you said you were self published(?) I see so many self published books that are kind of amateurish but these look amaaazing. Did you design them yourself? It’s a pity I don’t have time to read books (speaking as a former bookworm) but good on you.

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  2. Thank you for the encouragement. As to the interest I seem to be getting from South Asia – ‘likes’ and comments that I’ve back-traced appear authentic, revealing users with stated interests in the SF genre. My stats on WordPress show India, Nepal, Malaysia, etc. quite often.


    My covers are by Twinartdesign for 99Designs. The man has been great to work with.



  3. Oh that’s good news. Ive heard horror stories re Facebook and verified the truth in them. Rather than say to folk don’t use them I encourage due diligence, but if you have WordPress stats showing similar users then cool.
    Your designer has done a great job. 🙂

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