Oh, no! Forty characters!

Yesterday, I posted a partial list of cast members in Resilient. I finished the section this morning.

The book has forty characters!

It made me groan with sorrowful anticipation. Somebody — another writer, a reader, a critic — is sure to complain, even lecture me about my ignorance of some fundamental rule that authors of fiction must adhere to regarding the size of one’s cast.

What does one do when faced with a dilemma of this gravity? Google it.

Whew. Jami Gold says I’m not a fool.

“A sweeping family epic needs a lot of characters to create the sense of scope.”

That’s a relief. Thanks, Jami!

Here’s the finished section.

The Cast


In order of appearance

Bina Dhava Raji Limar. Wife of Matsika. Mother of Suban. Captain/Owner of the fishing campaigner Kevarta.
Dani Yantur Iravat. Relief captain aboard Kevarta. Born in the Daza Islands. Amil Leyta’s first love.
Matsika Dhava Mahat Limar. “Mat”. Husband of Bina. Father of Suban. First Mate/Owner of Kevarta.
Barun Mahat Limar. “Baba”. Nephew of Matsika Dhava. Deck hand aboard Kevarta.
Sarvaga Pala Mahat Limar. “Vaga”. Husband of Lavani. Computer engineer/materials scientist/chemist. Co-founder of Deva Karu Science and Engineering. Friend, collaborator and business partner with Amil Leyta. Co-architect of the Soul Camera, Soul Vessel and other technologies derived from the discoveries of Bishen Parsanda and Rivan Saraf.
Lavani Pala Raji Limar. “Vani”. Wife of Sarvaga. Daughter of Anand Suwanetra and Ojal Sinaya. Gravitics engineer employed by Pazca Military Industries.
Masala Brahmarsi Mahat Limar. Husband of Dhatri. Prefect of the SagGha, otherwise known as the Brotherhood of Monks. Guru Brahmarsi is the order’s most elevated spiritual leader. A Cadre veteran of senior rank. Former officer of the Cadre Policy Office, also called the Vartula — the administrative high command of Vidura’s merchant military.
Amil Leyta Iravat. “Mil”. Husband of Balaja. Solon of Physics. Apprentice to Rivan Saraf in the development of applied Trans-Dimensional Physics. Co-founder of Deva Karu Science and Engineering. Friend, collaborator and business partner with Sarvaga Pala. Inventor of the Soul Camera and Soul Vessel. Practices as an Applied Physicist and Engineer.
Guru Suhavis Iravat. “Vis”. Husband of Majju. Celebrated yogi and promoter of healthy lifestyle. A member of Prefect Brahmarsi’s inner circle.
Dhatri Brahmarsi Mahat Limar. Wife of Masala. Cadre veteran. Medical doctor — endocrinology.
Mayur Upanaya Mahat Limar. Father of Falak. Brother of Dhatri Brahmarsi. Cadre veteran. Former officer of the Vartula.
Sattva Pala AptakArin. Raji Limar/Kopin/Samudri. “Va”. Adopted daughter of Sarvaga and Lavani. The first AptakArin born in the Soul Vessel program.
Uttara Vadin Manu. Attorney. Lead counsel for the SagGha.
Naomi Kopin. Social Psychologist. Director of Kendra Family Services.
Nilza Leyta Iravat/Vyala. “Zaza”. Daughter of Amil Leyta and a Sadhu clanswoman named Sahela, who he met while behind enemy lines near Antaka.
Vurna Kaviza Mahat Limar. Executive Abbot of the SagGha. Cadre veteran.
Suban Dhava Mahat Raja. “Raj Zaramalla”. Son of Mat and Bina. Adopted son of Stena Zaramalla.
Rivan Saraf Mahat Raja. “Van”. Husband of Jyoti. Son of Von and Sasha. Trans-Dimensional physicist. With his mentor Bishen Parsanda, Rivan Saraf ended a 1,000-year technological impasse with the discovery of a way to trigger low-energy reactive mass conversion by reaching across dimensional boundaries.
Stena Zaramalla Kopin. Low Desert Traveler clan. Adopted mother of Suban Dhava.
Balaja Leyta Iravat. “Aja”. Wife of Amil. Medical doctor — age reversal.
Dha Odana Mahat Limar. Son of Paca. With his father, the owner of Traveler’s Cave, a highway rest stop outside Antaka, in the Vanya Dominion.
Zura Upanaya Mahat Raja. Daughter of Falak and Charvi. Born and raised on board Patvan Dama, an airborne residence leased to Amil Leyta and Sarvaga Pala by the SagGha.
Reva Yudhvan Mahat Limar. “Svami Reva”. Broken Claw outpost operator.
Master Sa Manu. One of the first teachers recruited by Prefect Brahmarsi to serve as a mentor to the AptakArin. Isa Kaviza’s namesake.
Kharva Brahmarsi AptakArin. Mahat Limar. Adopted son of Masala (Prefect Brahmarsi) and Dhatri. The second AptakArin born in the Soul Vessel program.
Isa Kaviza AptakArin. Manu. Adopted son of Vurna (Abbot Kaviza). The third AptakArin born in the Soul Vessel program.
Maalav Suraksin Mahat Limar. “Lav”. Rivan Saraf’s friend and bodyguard. A Broken Claw Delegate.
Syagu Azanta. A clanswoman in the village of Tamakhu, in the Vanya Dominion.
Falak Upanaya Mahat Limar. Husband of Charvi. Father of Zura. Cadre veteran. Retired space boat pilot. Security/bodyguard aboard the airborne residence Patvan Dama.
Pizuna Vyala. Headman in the village of Tamakhu.
Charvi Upanaya Raji Limar. “Char”. Wife of Falak. Mother of Zura. Former space boat pilot. Staff on board Patvan Dama.
Uli Vagara Mahat Limar. Husband of Diva. Cadre shadow operations veteran. Broken Claw emissary. Security/bodyguard on board Patvan Dama.
Adhi Senapati Manu. Commanding officer at Mahacamu — a Cadre base on the Laghu Continent engaged in maintaining the Quarantine.
Arati Sabhya Raji Limar. Executive Officer at Mahacamu. Senapati’s adjutant.
Diva Vagara Iravat. Wife of Uli. Author of romance novels and writer/producer of children’s programming for the Culture Channel. Staff aboard Patvan Dama.
Javas Ilava Mahat Limar. Battle Group commander at Mahacamu.
Tinker Chief Mahat Limar. Chief of aircraft maintenance at Mahacamu.
Aya Madhi Iravat. Base chaplain at Mahacamu.
Rani Amosin Kopin. Low Desert Traveler clanswoman. Heir to the Grahana Mercantile fortune.


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