Resilient is live on Amazon!

Book 3 in The Anye Legacy series – eBook edition – is available to order now I expect the print edition to launch tomorrow. Woo!

The final edit was less work than I feared – I threw 2 chapters away and wrote new ones to replace them, but other than that, it was mostly about finding tiny format errors. That makes 6 full editing passes from first cut to finished manuscript over a period of about a year.

Book 4 – Vacuum Forged – is in early draft with about 40,000 words, but I’ll probably finish Silken Thread first.

Here’s a shout out to my brother Mike, who read Resilient – for what must have been the third time – during the edit. It’s conceivable that I could write without his help, but the results wouldn’t be as good.

Mike says Resilient is ‘some of my finest work’ – which I might post as a review, except a) I still want you to buy the other ones, b) he’s my brother, so there could be hyperbole involved, and c) he thinks everything I’m doing is great. Yeah, Mike – I love you, too.





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