Talent Search – Modelers & Animators

Update — Mission accomplished!

Trial animations have been delivered, a UE5 project package is on its way.

Ghosts of Ancient Vidura is in edit, so it’s time to plan for cover art. This might be a good student project, or something a hobbyist might try. Here’s the spec.

Project specifications — Loyal House Model & Animation


Create a 3D model of the object Loyal House, a flying house described in the novel Ghosts of Ancient Vidura.

Create an animated clip of the object navigating through a scene.

Create a still image from the scene for use as a book cover.


Loyal House as depicted in the novel:

The structure could be described as Gothic only in the sense of a resemblance to the Basilica of Saint Denis, near Paris, both structures modeled after a SagGha temple on Vidura.

The façade of the church in France, erected in the sixth century, followed by restoration and further development of the site in the twelfth century, was the work of Italian-AjJivadi who saw no reason to design something new when they could get away with downloading plans off the InfoSpace.

Whereas the church was a faithful replica of a SagGha temple, Loyal House was not. It was clad in TU3 armor plate, mirror-polished, then coated with the adaptive layer used on drones and aircars, upon which any image could be displayed. The membrane was formulated to disintegrate under laser fire, exposing the reflective surface, which would then bounce coherent light until stippled by cannon fire, by which time one needs to be winning or running away.

Loyal House was not a place of worship. Towers were given over to weapons.

The floor plan was residential rather than liturgical. Interior finishes were ‘Gothic’ in theme but far afield from canon, featuring hardwood trim, bronze accents, and stone veneer in place of block. Exterior elevations were modified to incorporate outdoor patios and balconies, the sum of these concessions bordering on architectural apostacy.

The superstructure sat on an oval TU3 hatbox, forming a platform for exterior landscaping bounded by a limestone block wall. The base, its surface a display panel as was the entire house, featured a clever graphic giving the appearance of a lumpy slab of granite, torn out of the soil by some God who didn’t care enough to smooth the edges.

The base of the house had room for side-by-side drive-through hangars with doors tall enough for space yachts.

In a scene where Loyal House travels to Earth:

Elbert raised the shutter on a window next to the main entrance, peering across a floodlit lawn into the infinite void of N-Space — shapeless, featureless, blacker than night, held off at the fence line by Saraf Drive emitter arrays, arching over the house like a sea monster’s ribcage, pylons engulfed in swirling tendrils of blue fire.

The house Oma recited a passage from the owner’s guide. “Depending on the intensity of exterior illumination, passengers may witness at the envelope boundary an effect of near-field spatial distortion acting upon available light, compressing wavelengths toward the violet end of the spectrum.”

Roman said, “In other words, the pylons aren’t shielded.”

“I’m sure it’s dangerous to get near them.” Elbert lowered his voice. “But how far away is far enough?”

“Are you thinking about going out there?”

“We’re not leaking atmosphere.” Elbert put his chin against Armor Glaze, craning his neck. “It’s quite a spectacle.”

They went out the front entrance. The air was dead still, the grounds deafeningly silent, every feature outlined in sharp contrast, individual blades of grass throwing deep shadows into turf.

Francine stood inside the house; voice dampened by ambient phase cancellation. “What’s it like.”

Roman replied, “Spooky as hell.” He nudged Elbert. “You’re a brave man, Doc.”

“For about a minute, anyway.” Elbert took his elbow. “Let’s go back in.”


A 3D model of the Basilica of Saint Denis may be found here.

Terms of use – “Currently all Models are made available and Distributed through 3D Warehouse free of charge.”


Model in Blender and animate in Unreal Engine, or equivalents.


Scene: Loyal House approaches out of cloud cover. Ocean and shoreline below.

Voiceover: “Back during the last ice age, there were more Anye AjJivadi living on Earth than there were humans. At this point, any reasonable person would have to agree they’re from here.”

If you know someone who might be interested in responding, please send them my way!

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