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I suppose, now that I have a final-ish cover design for Ghosts of Ancient Vidura, the book is now officially in beta. In celebration of the event, I ordered proof copies from Amazon. On Sunday, I’ll find out what the print shop makes of it. Thereafter begins the arduous task of arranging pre-publication reviews.

I’m jealous of sword and sorcery authors. First readers line up like they’re getting a free iPhone. My wife says the material demands reading comprehension skills, but I don’t think that’s the issue. She’s a smart lady, and rarely gets past the first thirty pages.

In fact, she’s yet to read a single novel all the way through. I might have had a prayer with Silken Thread (adventure/love story), but stumbled on the accusation I’d prefer the protagonist’s life over the one I have with her.

I don’t think this means I’m a terrible writer, or inattentive husband. All my books have earned enthusiastic fans. When I gave away four-hundred-thirty eBook editions of the latest release (Elbert. SciFi.), I was sure the reviews would come roaring in. But no. I didn’t get a single one.

It’s clearly a matter of finding the audience. I’m working on story brand, that bit of marketing savoir faire that explains the value proposition in thirty words or less. It’s harder than you might imagine. For the time being, let’s try, “Read my books. They’re terrific.”

Seriously. They’re worth reading. I promise. Find me on Amazon at


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