And the winner is …

I ran an informal focus group session on The Smarter Artist to see how my test covers fared against top SciFi titles in the Kindle catalog. Here’s what I posted:


If you try, you will spot a few versions of a book entitled Anzu. Those would be mine. I composed 4 of them using illustrations found mostly on DeviantArt. Bottom row #5 is my own work.

I asked: Where does YOUR eye stop and shop?

At this writing, I have 24 replies. Top row #5 got the most hits for me. The Winter Over did best all around.

Now that I am in the final packaging phase, getting ready to self-publish, this was a big deal for me. I have shopped outlets for cover art, messaged a few artists, wrote a design brief or three, but ultimately I decided to test my own eye for this part of it.

The fact that I got even a couple of hits in a sea of best selling titles tells me I can do this.

Also, Starkiteckt offered “Red Gas Giant” for $75. Here’s my latest version of the cover. If you think  I’m making a big mistake, call me on it.




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