Amazon said “Yes”


My debut novel has been admitted to the Amazon Kindle Scout program.

Click here to nominate my book!

Scout lets readers help select new works to publish, and I’m excited to be part of the program. Anzu’s trial period starts today, Friday, January 27 and runs for 30 days. After that, my book could be chosen for publication.

The first 7 chapters are UP at Amazon as of midnight. Come see what I have done.

To nominate my book and help me get published, click on the link below.

Amazon measures traffic to my page, so your participation will make a difference. Please share this announcement, on Facebook, email and by word of mouth. Even if you don’t read science fiction, somebody you know does.

Readers love a chance to get a sneak peek, so spread the news!

Even if the outcome does not include an Amazon contract, the fact that an editor at the world’s largest publisher thinks my book deserves a place on the starting line makes me very happy indeed.

I extend heartfelt thanks to all my first readers, to everyone who offered encouragement, and especially my brother Mike, who collaborated tirelessly through every revision. Please join me in celebrating three and a half years bringing this book to its first milestone.

Warmest regards,

John Dyer

2 thoughts on “Amazon said “Yes”

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  1. My condolences that ANZU was not selected by Kindle Scout—more fools they! Will you be publishing it independently? You can still use the KS system to benefit you, even though they didn’t pick it. Just set up a day-or-three, wait until it’s live (because sometimes there are glitches) then inform KS that it’s available. They’ll immediately tell the voters, who will click, see it’s free, snag it—4- and 5-star reviews to follow!

    Do you need a proofreader for ANZU, or a copyeditor for QUANTUM SOUL? Speculative Fiction is my literary chocolate, and my rates are modest.


    1. Hi, Andrea …

      Thank you for the kind words. I was not too surprised, but it stung nevertheless.

      Yes, I will be publishing on KDP, just about as quickly as I can. I did know that KS would follow-up with voters, but I’m glad to see your advice anyway.

      I would be delighted for you to tell me about your services. I will PM.


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