Another snippet from Quantum Soul

Please read an important message from your SatNet service company.

Dear Customer:

Please accept our apology for interruption of service. SatNet Partners has historically maintained that voice and data subscriptions are not constrained under the Vanya Quarantine Act.

However, a provincial court has ruled otherwise. Approximately two weeks ago, we received an order to exclude the Laghu continent from our service area, and we complied.

This morning, SatNet Partners received a directive from the Cadre military authority to restore service to Laghu. We have proceeded provisionally, pending clarification from our government.

The Anye Assembly has asked us to forward its statement regarding a military operation that took place on the Laghu continent two days ago. You may read the text of this message here.

As always, thank you for your patronage.


SatNet Partners – A Division of Asurya Horizon

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