The Huntsman

With 14 guitars and 6 amps competing for space in the man-cave, my appetite for gear should have been satiated by now; but then, at a church rummage sale, I stumbled across a Galaxy Audio Hotspot PA III for $10, and what am I supposed to do – leave it there?

Yes, it works. In fact, it fills a needed category, that of a guitar amp I can leave at the winter house without worrying about whether we’ll skip a year, and discover later the landlord got rid of it.

Same for this guy, a 400 watt Infinity subwoofer, also $10, that turned the yard-sale media system I set up at that same winter home into a real thumper.


Of course, it takes a willingness to waste one’s time navigating through a sea of baby clothes to discover such things, and, at my age, one needs to be cautious about accumulating objects, lest there be no room left to walk through the house. That said, finds like these evoke a primitive spirit, that of the hunter who just brought down a mastodon, and now the entire village will feast – or, in this case, dance to club music, until the neighbors call.

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