Fur from the truth.

This morning, I finished formatting the Elbert manuscript for print. It’s a third draft — in good shape, I think, but it will be pre-publication readers who determine if I need to do anything else to it.

I’m working on the back cover text … So far, it says …

In 1928 South Dakota, a furry, foxlike woman tells Doctor Elbert Harrison an extraordinary secret — Sasquatch are from outer space. Their aim is commerce. They’re not here to make trouble.

An elderly veteran of the American Civil War, Elbert expected soon to meet his Creator — only to find out the furry folk have a cure for aging. Emigration to the planet Jivada promises renewed life, an unforeseen windfall of family.

Regrettably, the Anye colony world has problems. When Elbert lends his voice to political debate, an opposing faction replies with violence. If he keeps sticking his head up, it’s liable to get knocked off.

It won’t matter. Elbert’s not the kind of man to run from a fight.

I started the book on April 4, 2020.

It’s now two books. The second book is provisionally entitled, ‘A Habit of Providence’.

This manuscript is 87,239 words.

The ‘excised’ document which contains all material deleted from this volume is 54,811 words.

Pre-publication readers are invited. Reviews are especially welcome. Please post a comment below if you’re willing to participate.

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