Marathoned — John Dyer Writes

On October 4th and 5th, someone read my novel Elbert on Kindle Unlimited, most of it on the second day. Woo! Exciting, right?

Wait, it gets better. On October 8th, someone started reading The Anye Legacy Complete Collection. Non-stop. Going through it like a woodchipper, for a grand total of one-thousand-eight-hundred-six pages so far. Only about a hundred-forty to go.

It’s right after a new book launch. It has to be the same person, discovering my material for the first time. If whoever it is starts reading Silken Thread next, I’ll pop a gasket.

Let this be an example. This could be you, having a great time in your easy chair, hooked on unexpectedly intriguing literature. Click here to visit my Amazon catalog. Wonder awaits!

By the way, not everything I publish on these pages is self-promotion. There's something here for everyone. Please consider subscribing.

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