Electrified — John Dyer Writes

My author’s website has moved — kind of. You won’t notice any difference, at least not today. I’m using the same service provider who, I must say, made it easy. I registered a domain on Namecheap, signed up for a WordPress premium plan, filled in a form, and Walla!

The previous URL works seamlessly, but you can change the bookmark on your browser to https://johndyerwrites.com if you like, assuming you have a bookmark for that, which you should.

I also signed up for an email service. John at you-know-where. That’s a test. Send me a message so I’ll know we’re both mildly amused at the subtlety of it.

Nothing much else to report. I got up at 5:07 AM, built a camp fire, drank too much coffee, walked the dog, made waffles. More later.

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