Nobody in my circle of friends talks about Covid anymore, except to say how many times they’ve had it.

I haven’t felt left out. I had Type B Influenza during the same timeframe. I was sure I would die. That’s relevant.

Thursday morning I went to the dentist. That afternoon I felt terrible. Linda administered a home test kit, and we have a winner in the reverse lottery.

The dentist wasn’t worried. I respect that, although his staff might have had second thoughts if they’d had to take care of me. Not as bad as the flu, but bad enough.

I sweated it out last night. This morning, I went outside. Linda is washing the bed linens, again. According to prevailing etiquette, I will be judged free of contagion by tomorrow.

Is that like, first thing tomorrow, or do I have to wait until noon?

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  1. You won’t be free until 5 days from last Weds. Which is Monday the 27th. And Then you are to wear a max around people for a while longer


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