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And again, in case anyone’s looking …

One fine summer evening in 1928, Doctor Elbert Harrison answers the door to a furry lady saying she’s Sasquatch — a whimsical jest, softening the disclosure of a spacefaring civilization in the habit of visiting Earth, a preamble to asking if he’ll record a birth certificate for her soon-to-be-born child.

A cure for aging is forthcoming, a new life for an easy favor — but all is not well in the near future. The Great Depression looms on the horizon, threatening to provoke a flood of refugees from an Anye colony world long dependent on Earth for its food supply.

And that new life Elbert’s looking forward to will soon put him in the middle of it.

John Dyer Writes

Elbert is currently in first edit at 94,000 words. How's the blurb looking?

In 1928 South Dakota, a furry citizen of another planet enlists the aid of a human physician to ensure her soon-to-be-born son will someday be able to claim American citizenship. For Doctor Elbert Holland Harrison, the event sheds light on the real story behind legendary Gods, a family he didn’t know he had, a cure for old age, an opportunity for a new life.

But the Great Depression looms on the horizon, with the Dust Bowl catastrophe close on its heels — a one-two punch threatening an alien commerce empire that feeds two-thirds of Jivada’s population, its collapse potentially leading to an invasion of Earth.

And Elbert is about to find himself in the middle of it.

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