Undiscovered, but improving

I had a post occupying this spot until yesterday. I kept the headline because it signified what I originally intended to talk about, but the rest was an embarrassment — and not because I failed to express myself. No, I had my skirt over my head all right, displaying a poor attitude, complaining that after 4 novels published and 50 units sold, I’d only garnered 11 reviews.

But then I realized, considering how little I’ve done to promote the work, that might be an acceptable ratio — and the reviews were encouraging.

Joshua Grant described The Illusion of Gravity as ‘Sci-fi with substance’. Mary Jo Fletcher doesn’t read SF, but she enjoyed the book. (Mary’s a friend; I’m sharing it anyway.) Everyone liked Silken Thread (adventure/love story), although I’m told it was too fast paced, and the hero didn’t fail enough. Joshua Grant again weighed in on Resilient, praising the book for action, depth, an immersive quality, and creative use of linguistics — that last observation just tickling the heck out of me, because it’s something I think I have an ear for.

If one isn’t selling a lot of books, the Amazon dashboard allows authors to observe the habits of Kindle patrons. You can witness a reader giving up after X number of pages, which I haven’t seen a lot of. What I have seen is The Illusion of Gravity consumed in one sitting, followed by the next two books over a period of 3 days, then Silken Thread — again, in one sitting.

Someone read my entire catalog on the train (or bus) — first thing in the morning, every day, 30 pages at a time, picking up the pace on weekends, then slowing down again on Monday.

Another bought all 3 Sci-fi books in one stroke, which might mean the blurbs aren’t as weak as I feared.

The Anye Legacy is making rounds at a prison out west — and mind you, these are stories in which heroes prevail by consequence of virtue. All this goes to say I have been discovered, albeit by only a few, and what’s needed is for that to keep happening.

The written word is 3,000 years old, so perhaps the biggest challenge for an author is bringing something new to the table. I’d like to believe I’m doing that. Please visit me at https://www.amazon.com/~/e/B06XKCQ11L.

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