Camera Familia #20 — John Dyer Writes

Botocan, Philippines. Circa 1957. The life we imagine for ourselves is not necessarily the best life for everyone, but ideas will spread, and people will make choices. Filipinos valued their culture, but postwar Western nations had a lot to offer.

Population was expanding. Cities were growing. Modernization outward was essential, if for no other reason than to increase crop yields. In the provinces, traditional ways would eventually be displaced.

Thankfully, we were there in time to witness that which came before. In the photo, a man smiles at the camera, apparently serene, living in the moment. At arm’s length, a water buffalo, a cart, a harvest. I suspect he knew, as all of us should, that the most important things in life are usually right there, at arm’s length.

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5 thoughts on “Camera Familia #20 — John Dyer Writes

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    1. My novel Silken Thread is a tour of those days and, as you might expect, a sympathetic observation of life, so informed. The Kindle preview spans quite a few chapters. The book is enrolled in Kindle Select, so you can read it for free with your Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscription. Even though it’s an early work, I’m not at all reluctant to recommend it.

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  1. I ordered the hard copy! I was intrigued by the cover, especially after the chatter on the AS/IS Facebook page about the Filipino artist! Looking forward to reading it!

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