Writing is re-writing

When I scheduled Quantum Soul for pre-order on Amazon, I decided to update Book 1 in the series. There are format changes, a map of Vidura, a cast of characters and I took out a table of contents that served no purpose … but that’s not all I did.

The process required me to read the whole book again, five years after I began writing it, two years after completion, right on the cusp of publishing Books Two and Three. And wouldn’t you know that world building matures over time, and that later books have the potential of informing the content of previous ones: for instance, revealing foreshadowing opportunities and tightening up story lines.

And, in all humility, my writing is better – which it should be at this point.

If I keep my head down, a third edition of The Illusion of Gravity will debut with the release of Quantum Soul. Editing the book for the umpteenth time has been more fun than expected, and I’m very satisfied with how it’s turning out, but it’s not impossible that I’ll miss the date.

I know that some readers will be tempted to order both books at the same time, so I’m going to make a serious effort not to drop the ball. But, here’s the warning – don’t order Illusion of Gravity without making sure it’s the Third Edition. Yes, it’ll probably be listed at 99 cents during the first weeks, but take it from the author – the revision is worth waiting for.

I’ll announce the new edition here, so watch this space. Thanks for reading. We need you. Keep doing it.


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