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The other day, I uploaded manuscript files to Amazon so I could order printed proofs of Elbert in paperback format. Whilst so engaged, Amazon invited me to make the eBook available for pre-order, and I thought, “Why not?” I set a publication date of October 3. This gives me seven weeks to obtain feedback from friends who declined to read on their tablet computers, but swore they would if I supplied printed books.

Most likely, nobody will read the book. October 3 will arrive and I still won’t know what shape it’s in.

Unless …

My Novel: Elbert: AjJivadi – Book One

Genre: Literary / Science Fiction / Drama / Adventure

About the series – The Kata AjJivadi commands that Jivada’s influence on Earth shall be hidden from view. It’s been codified law since the time of Jesus, obscuring twenty-five-thousand years of Anye enterprise on humanity’s home world.

But the Constituency never intended to lurk in the shadows forever.

About the book – The year is 1928, and business is booming at South Dakota’s Lazy L Ranch. Trail rides, calf-roping lessons, steak dinners. A premier destination for off-world tourists, tucked away in the mountains, safe from prying eyes.

Mind you, Earth has not been invaded. It’s like having a rich uncle who stopped checking in with you, about two thousand years ago.

Eighty-three-year-old Doctor Elbert Harrison was expecting soon to meet his Creator, unaware of a second daughter, a grandson, and license to visit the planet Jivada for age-reversal therapy.

But all is not well on the Anye colony world. When Elbert lectures in public on the obligations of citizenship, a subversive faction replies with violence. If he keeps sticking his head up, it’s liable to get knocked off.

It won’t matter. Elbert’s not the kind of man to run from a fight.

Word count: 87,000 words

Adult content/Trigger issues: Perhaps three PG-13 scenes, not explicit. Some violence, not horrific, but gritty.

Novel stage: Complete

Deadlines: The novel is in pre-order, scheduled for release October 3.

Feedback style required: Beta read-through.  Feedback of any type is welcome. If a reader gives up on the book, I’d like to know where, and why it lost traction. If a reader is inspired to write a pre-publication review, that would be a plus.

Delivery method: The complete novel is available for download in ePub, Mobi and PDF formats. Please leave a comment with your email address if you want to give it a try.

Funny story -- Someone in Germany pre-ordered the book yesterday. At least I know the cover art is doing its job.

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