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If one is to succeed as an author he must say words that will inspire readers to buy books. If this can be accomplished in one or two sentences, the author will have discovered his story brand.

So, I’ve been pestering everyone who’s read my work to wax eloquent, such that keywords might be extracted. To my surprise, a fellow author said my novel Elbert is sentimental.

I tend to agree. The storyline, set in the late 1920s, is nostalgia-inducing by default. That said, it didn’t feel like an idea I could use to describe the entire catalog.

A review of synonyms ensued. I dithered over ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘homely’. I wrote a ream of ad copy. Nothing clicked. I kept coming back to ‘sentimental’, a longing for the good old days, when everything was better, or at least seemed like it.

Even though most of my books are Science Fiction, I have to admit the word ‘sentimental’ covers a lot of ground. I’ll hold onto it for a while. In other news …

The eBook edition of Elbert goes live on Amazon October 3. The paperback and hardcover editions are live today. Here’s the book description.

Seventh in a nine-book series, charting the journey of an alien civilization into interstellar space, from a distant past until modern times, and the revelation of an astonishing twenty-five-thousand-year secret history on Earth.

The year is 1928. Business is booming at South Dakota’s Lazy L Ranch, a premier destination for off-world tourists, tucked away in the mountains, safe from prying eyes.

In nearby Black Rock, eighty-three-year-old Doctor Elbert Harrison is expecting soon to meet his Creator, unaware of alien visitors, a second daughter, a grandson, and license to visit the planet Jivada for age-reversal.

But trouble awaits on the Anye colony world. When Elbert speaks out on the obligations of citizenship, a subversive faction replies with violence. If he keeps sticking his head up, it’s liable to get knocked off.

It won’t matter. Elbert’s not the kind of man to run from a fight.


The Anye Universe novels are Literary Science Fiction. Original and intelligent stories, developed for a thoughtful audience, in the vein of works by William Gibson, Anthony Doerr, and David Mitchell.

Action, adventure, and family drama … against a backdrop of hard Sci-Fi … “For readers who like science fiction that isn’t dumbed down.” ~ Author Ashley Manning

Explore this epic saga from the beginning with The Anye Legacy Complete Collection –

Browse the author’s catalog for paperback editions and other works of fiction

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